Whatever your reason is for selling your property you will be looking for an agent who will do two things: One, achieve the best price they can for you and two, sell the property quickly.

It is recommended you obtain three valuations from your local estate agents before making your decision so you can gauge how much your property is worth. Then comes the tricky bit, which agent do you go with? It would be very easy to go with the agent who is telling you the better price, however, some agents will deliberately inflate the price to win your instruction so do your own due diligence too and be realistic. It is very easy these days to find out what properties have sold for in your area and adjoining roads through the land registry and main selling portals online.

Some top tips in selling your property:

1. Declutter

We don't all live in properties that look like show houses but when selling your home make sure to minimise the clutter. Have a look at what is currently on the market and look at their external and internal photos to determine how much is left out for a potential buyer to see.

Moving can be very therapeutic and make us sort out that long overdue cupboard, if you know you are moving then start early. If you have lots of books, pack perhaps half away. Look at what is on show, above kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, on floors, tables and kitchen sides; this is probably one of the best things you can do to make your property more attractive and entice a buyer into making an offer.

2. Finish those jobs

We all have them, the ones we meant to 'get around to doing' or those jobs that seem too time consuming or costly. Re-look those jobs and be honest with yourself. Perhaps think about the property you are looking to buy; would you buy your house? Are you willing to take a lesser amount of money for someone else to finish those jobs? Look at where you could add more attractiveness; can the tiling in the bathroom or kitchen do with fresh grouting? Does the sealant around the edges need replacing? Do you have missing knobs on the kitchen cupboards? Do you have an 'acquired taste'? Red walls, purple walls or any other colour that is not neutral would be deemed 'your taste'. A prospective purchaser will imagine their furniture in your house so it may be worth thinking of changing the colour scheme. Get some quotes, it could add £1,000's to your house price and it will make it more attractive to the buyer ensuring you a quicker sale.

3. Outside

Does your property have kerb appeal? Some purchasers will drive by your property and make their mind up based on that first impression. If you were selling your car would you not clean it, wax it and make it as attractive as possible? You may be a keen gardener and your garden looks beautiful, however, if you are not it may be worth either investing the time yourself or hiring a gardener for a couple of hours a day to bring it back under control. Invest in a weed killer for the driveway and around the brick work if you have pesky weeds showing through.

4. Pets

Some love them, some not so much. Make sure they are out the way for all viewings and take them for a walk. If a non-animal lover felt uncomfortable around your pet they would be more interested in leaving the property as quickly as possible than looking at it as a possible home. Put away any signs of a pet, especially that litter tray for the hour it takes to show a potential buyer around. Odour eliminators would also be recommended.

Detail Ringwood Road Price : £ 118,000
Detail Goldfinch Road Price : £ 176,000
Detail AltonRoadAmayaLodge Price : £ 169,000
Detail AspenGardens Price : £ 196,000
Detail BournemouthRoad Price : £ 162,000


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